Concierge Realty Provides Successful Marketing Strategy For Developers

Orlando, Florida – March 27, 2015 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Resort developers have an easy and innovative way to reduce marketing costs, while increasing their bottom line.

Concierge Realty has helped developers throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean turn empty vacation villas into lucrative rentals and fill unsold inventory with quality candidates for membership. The Orlando, Florida-based company offers comprehensive timeshare resale, rental and travel services to thousands of consumers and industry clients. Participating resorts can offset the negative effects of unpaid maintenance fees. They also benefit from additional revenue, on-site spend, and the opportunity to present the benefits of ownership to prospective new members during their stay.

“Our goal is to help developers turn renters into owners,” says Michelle Donato, owner and licensed real estate broker, . “The rental program provides a ready-made, in-house source for tours. Guests in the midst of a fabulous vacation, customized to their liking, can be highly receptive to learning about a cost-effective way to build on the experience and create vacation memories for lifetime.”


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