DAE’s Vacation Education Series for Timeshare Owners Successful

As the vacation ownership industry continues to shift, the need for quality service, transparency and more information has become paramount.  Simply said, owners want and need to know how best to use their timeshare purchase, along with all the ancillary benefits associated with it.

, world’s largest privately-owned global timeshare exchange provider, has recognized this need and continued to meet it this March. DAE (Dial An Exchange) again focused on the consumer offering critical education and resources with a free seminar held in San Diego. This was the third “Vacation Education Series” () event and the first held in 2015. The first two were held in Arizona in 2013 with approximately 100 people in Peoria and Mesa there for each event.    In San Diego, approximately 65 interested people attended, ranging from owners to industry professionals.  There were even a number of call-ins to DAE from folks unable to attend who sought information about the topics online.

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