ePercipio Announces iPad Compatibility

recently unveiled the release of functionality of its next-generation platform for users.

“In responding to client requests and market trends, we developed functionality that enables iPad users to access an array of content in our Learning Center,” says founder and CEO, . “ePercipio users equipped with iPads are now able to review material in their media center, study their customized training curricula, plus receive newly-published video announcements from company management.”

“It’s already been a big hit with many of our clients. One client’s salespeople are taking their iPads everywhere with them, including when they go home at night. This client was extremely pleased with our ability to respond so readily to the increased global adoption of iPads. Now their sales staff has access to consistent, empowering training material, using advanced iPad technology that is commonly recognized to be leading edge.” [member]

The company’s latest release, ePercipio 2.0, provides internet-based training and communications on one platform.  ePercipo 2.0 facilitates the uploading of user-generated content, as well as the incorporation of company-specific and third-party training material, including videos, online courses, webinars and more. For more information visit epercipio.com/contact.aspx or call 888-842-7775 outside the US, dial 1-435-649-0003.

About ePercipio

ePercipio, a company is headquartered in Park City, Utah and is a software-as-a-service provider specializing in the eLearning space by providing a next generation, internet-based, education, training and communication platform.  For more information please visit www.epercipio.com or call 888-842-7775 (Outside the US, dial 435-649-0003). [/member

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