Levitin Group and ePercipio Host Vida Vacations’ Sales Leadership at “Showtime” in Deer Valley, Utah

, the industry’s premier sales training and consulting company, and ePercipio, an online learning and collaboration software provider, recently hosted the top sales leadership from for a private presentation of Levitin Group’s popular “Showtime” Leadership Workshop.

Vida Vacations (formerly ) has partnered with Levitin Group and ePercipio to provide high-performance training content to its sales teams online, via a state-of-the-art ‘eCommunity’ and eLearning platform called Vida-U. Showtime was presented to equip the Vida sales leadership with the latest tools, techniques and psychology for developing additional training – both live and online – to drive the company’s record breaking sales performance into the future.

“By design, Showtime combines our powerful curriculum with the talent brought in by the participants. The synergy created defines the Showtime experience,” says , Levitin Group/ePercipio CEO. “This time, though, I was amazed at the result. The amount of information exchanged and, most importantly, the amount and the quality of the Action Plans designed were astounding! Vida’s leadership is committed to the long-term success of every salesperson in the company. They recognize the impact potential of the Vida-U platform and are prepared now to make the most of this powerful tool.”[member]

The attendees – seasoned professionals with track records of success – were enthusiastic about putting their newfound skills to work. “We can make an improvement in our efficiencies, not only on the dollar side of things but in how we operate on a daily basis,” said Kelsey Christensen, Project Director in Puerto Vallarta. All leadership agrees.

“Performance, innovation and production require excellent communication and state of the art methodologies.” says Executive Director of Sales for Vida Vacations Brian Ehman. “This workshop was an excellent opportunity to align our business vision with the appropriate tools; to achieve un-paralleled collaboration among our sites and gain new commitments to future ongoing practices. I’ve brought in numerous guest speakers and sponsored many training seminars. None of them will have the same long-term positive impact as this Showtime workshop.”

Showtime was co-facilitated by Shari Levitin, along with Vice President of Levitin Leadership, Joe McGriff. According to Levitin, “This workshop is about expanding our learning culture by embracing today’s social media world. Social media and online collaboration are keys to sound performance. Trainers today aren’t being replaced by technology itself, they’re being replaced by trainers who understand technology.”

McGriff concurred and shared, “Vida Vacations has a broad depth of talent and expertise; we simply put distinctions and systems to what they already do so well on a daily basis, giving them the ability to monitor and improve their training performance.”[/member]

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