Pueblo Evita & Fairways Resorts Launch Exciting New Scheme

Martin Beesley the principal and developer of Pueblo Evita and Fairways timeshare resorts has launched an exciting new scheme to solve the perennial challenge of timeshare resale.

The scheme allows current timeshare owners at each resort to transfer the ownership of their timeshare weeks into a fraction of a freehold property scheduled for eventual sale. Management fees are frozen for 5 years and the clients share in the proceeds when the property is sold. For clients that wish to continue reserving weeks at the resorts they may do so by paying a user fee as and when they want to book.

Martin Beesley said:
“The subject of timeshare resale has been the talk of many an industry conference over the years and never properly addressed. We have an aging client-base, not all want to continue with their ownership or hand it down to the children. This scheme provides an exit for them to realise some cash in five years time whilst continuing to enjoy the resorts.
For us, it provides an excellent opportunity to revitalise the resorts and release the more mature members making way for exciting new marketing opportunities.”

The scheme is launched with the full participation of FNTC, the resorts trustees, who will handle the eventual sale and distribution. On-site sales and marketing at each resort is handled by Heroes of Sales and Marketing SL the leading timeshare marketing company owned and managed by Ian Goddard a European timeshare veteran.

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