Signature Life Hotels Launches Fractional Ownership Opportunity In South Africa

In what’s being hailed as the biggest private tourist investment launch since the 2010 World Cup, ’s leading independent hospitality group, is offering private investors and consortia the chance to buy a stake in three of its prime resort developments.

Investors have a choice of hotel rooms, penthouses, villas and serviced stands at in northern , in Mpumalanga and . Purchase options include outright sectional title ownership, ownership and a variety of “Vacation Allocation,” timeshare style options.

Prices start as low as R25,000 ($3,300 USD) for a week-a-year rising to R2.5 million ($328,000 USD) for a whole ownership stand.

Kicking off the national launch on Tuesday 13 March, Signature Life Managing Director Alan Vels described the offering as a signal of the award
winning group’s faith in a resurgent hospitality and tourism industry and a gilt-edged opportunity for savvy investors.[member]

“There’s no doubt that times have been tough for many in the hospitality industry over the past two years,” Vels said. “At Signature Life we’ve
weathered the global economic downturn better than most, thanks largely to our innovative approach to management, marketing and customer care, as well as tremendous support from the domestic market. Many of our guests are highly satisfied repeat customers.

“Now, there are a number of encouraging signs that the tourism market as a whole is bouncing back from the recession and we were looking to grow our portfolio of quality hotel space. To this end, we’re seeking like-minded investors to share our success by buying into three of our top

Vels said all three were in known tourism locations, with two already built and trading. “Whichever destination they choose, investors will have the peace of mind that they’re buying into known products, backed up by a team with a wealth of experience.”

He believes the Vacation Allocation option will be popular among people who cannot afford, or are unwilling to commit to an outright purchase.

“It gives the investor an opportunity to effectively buy a secure sublease of the property for perpetuity and have the unit managed and looked after by a reputable hotel company that can let these out for owners if they are not being occupied.”

Jozini Tiger Estate is next to the successful Jozini Tiger Lodge (room occupancy hasn’t dropped below 65% for last seven months) and 3½ hours drive from Durban. It overlooks the Jozini Dam, fast earning itself a reputation as the Kariba of KZN. The 52 whole ownership stands with architectural design packages are on offer for between R650,000 ($85,000 USD) and R 2.5 million ($328,000 USD).

The 96 sectional title suites, hotel bedrooms and penthouses are going for between R625,000 ($82,000 USD) and R1,895,000 ($249,000 USD). The 96 Vacation Allocation units start at R25,000 ($3,300 USD) per week for ten years, rising to R150,000 ($20,000 USD) for longer stays in prime periods.

Sectional Title purchase allows for participation in the existing hotel rental pool with a guaranteed return of 7% for the first two years. Owners will also be able to swap their time with an internationally renowned exchange club if not occupied.

Likweti Conference and Hotel, just five kilometres from the Mpumalanga International Airport, is a planned 123-bedroom sectional title hotel with conference facilities for 250. Thanks to Signature Life’s investment, it will be one of the largest conference and business hotels in the region.

All 123 sectional itle suites, hotel bedrooms and penthouses are on offer for whole ownership prices of between R499,000 ($65,500 USD) and R 1,199,000 ($157,500 USD) or 13-week fractional title ownership of R45,000 ($5,900 USD).

As with Jozini, sectional title purchase allows for participation in the hotel and conference hotel rental pool with a guaranteed return of 7% for the first two years and the chance to swap time internationally.

Fun Club Mauritius is located in Trou aux Biches on the North West Coast of the famous holiday island, a short hop from Grand Baie. The recently completed exclusive property is regarded as one of the finest new developments on the island. Investors are being offered a Vacation Allocation for a defined 14-day period a year for life, starting at R160,000 ($21,000 USD) and rising to R350,000 ($46,000 USD) depending on which of the two penthouses, two villas, or 10 apartments they choose. Fun Club Mauritius is affiliated to an internationally renowned vacation club, so owners will be able to swap their allocated period with other world class resorts.

Signature Life Hotels is Africa’s leading innovative hospitality company and a multiple winner of the World Travel Awards. The group was formed in 2008 through the convergence of several of South Africa’s top hoteliers. Signature Life offers the hospitality industry, in particular, the
owners of hotel and leisure properties, unique and profitable hospitality solutions. Signature Life Hotels is a people focused business based on relationships which are fluent in integrity, filled with passion and systematically guided with expertise and driven by excellence. The ultimate goal of all our operations is to offer innovative diverse solutions in order to make sound and sustainable returns for our clients and shareholders.

The company is a group of independent businesses run by operational executives who have full responsibility and accountability for success and profitability of their operations. The solutions we seek for our property partners are cost effective distribution channels, evolved through the use of innovative digital information, growing individual brands through strong brand affiliation, and growing fair market share for each property in a very quick period.

The Signature Life Hotels back up departments in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Maputo and in Europe provide support to the business units with strategic direction in operations, sales, marketing, human resources, procurement, training, and financial management. The Senior Executives identify and create synergy between the business units and the acquisition of new businesses.

The credibility of Signature Life is based on its proven senior management’s credentials, which bring innovative and entrepreneurial skills to each
hospitality product through the use of trusted business relationships. The groups aim is to operate sustainable, profitable, well developed hotels throughout Africa in all of the group’s hotel brands, namely Life Hotels, Quarters Hotels, Signature Safaris and Signature Hotels.

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