South Africa Resorts Benefit from Onsite Spa Facilities

is one of the largest resort management companies in and, following global travel trends in the hospitality industry, have partnered with , one of the largest chains of spas in the country. With 12 out of the 20 Cellu-Beauty ’s situated at First Resort destinations throughout the country, the partnership between these two companies is proving to be a perfect marriage, with enormous added benefits to their guests.

Cellu-Beauty Spa at The Palace resort situated on Durban’s beachfront has undergone a major facelift to keep on trend with the ever-evolving and competitive luxury spa business. The new look brings a golden glow of sophistication to the venue at this wonderful holiday destination. The spa at The Palace, managed by First Resorts, is one of Cellu-Beauty’s flagship treatment centres, offering outstanding service to the guests. [member]

Other leading Cellu-Beauty spas in the First Resorts portfolio include Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort situated in the splendor of the Southern Drakensberg, Club Mykonos located on the shores of the magical Langebaan Lagoon, La Montagne luxury resort nestled along Kwazulu-Natal’s North Coast, Gethlane Lodge and Waterberry Hill set in the heart of Mpumalanga.

In 2011, Cellu-Beauty Spa will open 7 additional spas at various resorts throughout the country. The board members and management have seen the benefits in offering this facility and the improved satisfaction level of our guests where there are on-site spas at the resorts; these include an increase in occupancy, marketing advantages and perceived value for money. “The addition of on-site spa facilities to our resorts has added value to our guests’ holiday experience and has contributed measurably to the overall appeal of our properties,” says Johann Jordann, Managing Director of First Resorts.

A resort spa can enhance the guest experience for visitors as diverse as those wanting a family holiday, whilst being able to escape for a bit of ‘me time’, to someone looking for a few hours at the spa to simply unwind, instead of participating in activities such as contrary to amenities like horseback riding, fishing or hiking.

Rioma Cominelli, Managing Director of Cellu-Beauty, had this to say, : “Wellness has become an integral part of our busy lives, for men, women and children alike, providing quality enhancement to both body and soul.  We are pleased that Cellu-Beauty has been invited to introduce so many spa facilities to hotels, lodges and resorts throughout the country. Research has shown that wellness facilities have materially improved guest ratings over the past few years.” [/member]

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